The handling of Students’ Affairs in the College is the responsibility of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) which is under the office of the Provost and is headed by the Dean Student Affairs. The general mandate of the division is to handle all matters relating to the welfare of the students except in academic matters.


The Dean of student affairs, who is a senior member of the academic staff of the college, heads the division and he is supported by Students’ Affairs Officer, who is a senior member of the administrative staff posted from the registry, handles the secretarial work of the division. Except for the student’ affairs officer, other members of staff posted from the registry are expected to specialize in the work of the division. For ease of administration, the division has been subdivided into units these are:

Office of the Dean

The Dean is the overall chief executive officer of the Division. It is his responsibly to coordinate all non-academic affairs of students. He is responsible for their welfare and discipline. He is the accounting officer and controls the division’s votes and vehicles. He is responsible for accommodating students in the Halls of residence. It is also his responsibility to liaise with outside bodies on matters of students’ welfare and students’ discipline. He compiles and keeps record of up to date vital statistical information on students. He presides over committee located in the division and submits monthly reports to Provost. He performs any other functions assigned to him by the Provost.

The Students’ Affairs Officer (SAO)

The students’ affairs officer coordinates all the administrative work of the division. Under the direction of the Dean, the SAO handles, among others, student union/association matters and liaises with relevant agencies and units on behalf of students. He organizes lectures on better student authority relations and takes charge of students’ orientation. He handles all matters relating to foreign students. He identifies students for the issuance of passports, visas, rebates and so on. He signs postal/money orders for students. He is the chief protocol officer of the division as well as the secretary to all committees in the division.